” Writing” is one of the method to be calm in mind. “Writing” is also can bring out some word you hard to say and express your feeling.



It was about ten year ago, but it is look like just yesterday. However, the yesterday never come. Almost every single time that we have fun and play together, even we were sometime fighting but that was not for so long and then we smile ;-). 2014-07-08-21-48-19_deco

Mr. KIM Hak, an artist and photographerOld Vila wall

“Drip” the productivity of a Cambodian artist and photographer after he visited his favorite place, Kep province. The picture was painted on the old wall by mixing the emotional, material around there of those abandon Vila in during 1950-1960s (Cambodia-French colonial). He wants to alive the old villa wall by his painting   Not long as long that those Vila will be replace but the modern one, and next generation won’t see it anymore.

Visit his website: http://www.kimhak.com

Old wall of Vila, one plant come = A complementThe real fact of plant on the old wall.

It all old but fantastic and maybe just need some more decoration.

Every little thing can make it alive.

I, myself just feel that not because of Cambodian people or next generation doesn’t care about historic story but the old people maybe never ever told them the fact or a favorable habitual in storytelling to the young people . Elder people are the survival historian!! Books, photos may be able to read and see many time, but surely that we can understand the language and tone??

It is my first time to see this live show. I used to see this only by movie or TV. The thoughts came out my brain, every nationalities has their own amazing culture with the deep spirit of their ancestors and believe. “Still alive”

Youth in Social Work

Ms Phok Sreypich, the graduated student holding her Bachelor Degree of Accounting from National University of Management (NUM), having birth place in Kampong Thom Province and being the older sister of her three siblings in the family. She has been engaged in the social work under the group of Young Leader for Social Accountability (YLSA).

She was a volunteer training assistant about three months for the Youth Resource Development Program Organization (YRDP) while she was studying in the third year at her college. Most factors changed her life after she attended several workshops including Personal Development (PD) course, Interfaith and Active Non-Violence (IANV) and so on. She was interested in the ways of being in charge of facilitating skill, and methodologies for facilitating and organizing workshop events. These were the new things making her be involved with and made her critical thinking improved better. These were mostly important to provide her with good opportunity and real practical performances because they were the guidelines to prepare forums, events or ceremonies in either her workplace or family.

In addition, the facilitation, which she was trained, caused her to avoid any manner of happening arguments especially the facilitating skill brought her more new ideas and management system through participation to understand each other – mostly the new strangers whom she just met to start working with.